June 13, 2010

Barbie Mansion

Jonathan Adler, a designer interior is about to realize every girl's dream and going to be "updating Barbie's bedroom, living room, and here drool-worthy closet in an actual Malibu beach house for celebrating Barbie's 50th anniversary. He took 3500 square foot private Malibu beach house and transformed it into a dreamy Barbie mansion. Some oF the furniture are designed by himself, and several pieces From his own home decor collection. The house also features a Barbie Museum which houses dozens of dolls and art from Mattel's archives, including a rare #1 (1959) Barbie doll, several dolls from throughout the decades and art pieces such as Barbie paintings by Andy Warhol and Donald Baechlor.
kitchen and the billiard room
Jonathan Andler designed this room. Fabulous!

The fun place to have fun. Look at the one-of-a-kind skirted-corseted-lace-up-dress chairs! Awesome!
This sitting room is colorful and young. There is a poodle in porcelain, and it's hot pink!
Barbie chandelier, it's made of 30 blonde barbie wigs, so creative.
This real Volkswagen New Beetle car is specially customized for Barbie. Volkswagen helped Mattel celebrate Barbie doll’s 50th Birthday by transforming a New Beetle convertible into the ultimate Barbie dream car. From the white custom leather interior and convertible top to the hand stitched floor mats and pink quilted leather lined door pockets and arm rests, even the dipstick is painted to resemble her favorite lipstick. The New Beetle convertible is equipped with a motorized vanity in the trunk and plenty of rhinestone accents and vanity mirrors. Over five shades of paint were mixed together to create the perfect pink color for Barbie doll’s car. You can apply a lipgloss before heading to mall :)

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