May 16, 2016

Wedding Proposal in Indonesia

I'm so curious. How can someone propose to his girl when they've picked engagement date, or even wedding date? Some couple got engaged during their prewedding session. Some guys propose after they held an engagement ceremony. This story is even worse; a Thai socialite got proposed just two weeks before her wedding, months after they had prewedding photoshoot, engagement ceremony, and hand-deliver invitations to guests. LOL. Her reaction is unbelievable too; acting surprised and moved to tears. That's too ridiculous. Based on what I know (and believe), a marriage proposal is where one person in a relationship asks for the other's hand in marriage, by popping those famous question "Will you marry me?". If accepted, it marks the initiation of engagement, a mutual promise of later marriage. A proposal is intended to be a surprise! The answer could be a yes or a no or a "I can't answer it now I'm not ready yet". Acceptance of the proposal is not compulsory. A woman may decline a proposal and may not declare what the reasons are, yes? But in this case, the answer is already known -.- There's no doubt, nerves, sweat, anxiety of being turned down. Well, I guess these people doesn't know and doesn't need that essence of proposal.

March 7, 2016

Seoul, Korea 2016, SM Coex Artium

Still in Gangnam area, we continued our Kpop day to SM  Town Coex Artium, a six-storey building that just opened last year (January 2015). There is no entrance fee and it is conveniently located in COEX mall. If you arrive in COEX via subway, got off at Samseong Station, find EXIT 6, and you will see the building. This is a must-visit place for SMTOWN fans like us! It has artist goods, SM studio, SM LIVErary cafe, hologram theatre, and exhibition.
1st Floor: entrance
2nd Floor: SUM Merchandise Shop (sells official goods of SM artists like clothes, albums, pillows, stationaries, products endorsed by SM artists, as well as random products that the artists enjoy)
3rd Floor: SM Town Studio (a place where you can become an actual artist, check out their training studio, recording studio, mv studio, and photo studio. In order to experience various training and styling adventures, we have to pay and make a reservation
4th Floor: SM Town LIVErary (a café where you can buy thematic desserts, drinks, and lounge around while listening to SM songs)
5th and 6th Floor: SM Town Theatre (used for hologram musicals and concerts, live musicals and plays, as well as fan meetings and showcases by SM artists)
 It has EXO paper toy in front of the building bcs the current show on SM theatre is EXO surround viewing concert 

2nd FLOOR: SUM Merchandise Shop
3rd FLOOR: SM Studio
4th FLOOR: SM LIVErary 
nothing can stop my sister from buying EXO overpriced berry drink. The bottle has EXO lyrics The cafe has signed chairs and tables by SM artists

5th FLOOR: SM Theatre

my sister watch the EXO concert! I didn't join her bcs I'm not a fan of EXO, so I waited for her at COEX mall.

March 4, 2016

Seoul, Korea 2016, K-Star Road, Gangnam

K-Star Road is a new tourist hotspot in Gangnam. It is an urban walking course located in Seoul's affluent Gangnam district. It links high end shopping to headquarters of major Korean entertainment companies (SM entertainment, Cube, JYP, FNC, etc), the born place of kpop stars. It is expected to become one of the must-visit locations for tourists as well as fans. This 'Hallyuwood Walk of Fame' pays homage to K-Pop stars in the form of cutesy bear sculptures, known as Gangnamdol, dedicated to Korean singers and actors. Be sure to drop by and take lots of picture with your favorite Kpop group’s doll before you resume your long walk towards the entertainment companies.
Team EXO
Team Girls Generation 
Miss A. CNBlue, Super Junior, SHINEE
Fans waiting in front of JYP, hoping to see artists
number one Korean entertainment company, where legends came from.