March 4, 2016

Seoul, Korea 2016, K-Star Road, Gangnam

K-Star Road is a new tourist hotspot in Gangnam. It is an urban walking course located in Seoul's affluent Gangnam district. It links high end shopping to headquarters of major Korean entertainment companies (SM entertainment, Cube, JYP, FNC, etc), the born place of kpop stars. It is expected to become one of the must-visit locations for tourists as well as fans. This 'Hallyuwood Walk of Fame' pays homage to K-Pop stars in the form of cutesy bear sculptures, known as Gangnamdol, dedicated to Korean singers and actors. Be sure to drop by and take lots of picture with your favorite Kpop group’s doll before you resume your long walk towards the entertainment companies.
Team EXO
Team Girls Generation 
Miss A. CNBlue, Super Junior, SHINEE
Fans waiting in front of JYP, hoping to see artists
number one Korean entertainment company, where legends came from.

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