March 1, 2016

Seoul, Korea 2016, Ewha University

On the very first day of 2016, me, my sister, and a friend of mine were gathered in Juanda Airport Surabaya with bags fully loaded with thick clothes. We flew to Singapore, had a super short transit, and flew again to Korea! Finally.. touchdown Kimchiland! It was 11pm in Seoul, so basically we spent our new year mostly on plane. After a long walk, we arrived at our first Airbnb. It's located in Hongdae area.
The next day, we began with Ewha Womans University! Korea in January is hella cold, around -3 to 5 celcius. Ewha is one of some prestigious universities in Seoul. The place is very green and clean. I wouldn’t mind to go back to school if the school is this beautiful. The streets around Ewha is a shopping heaven for me. Those are the places where you will find the good bargain because Korean students are very good at looking trendy on a budget. We also spotted a lot of boutiques selling affordable girls clothing in different styles, mostly sweet and feminine. I spent around 80.000KRW (approx 900.000 IDR) for 6 clothing items! How cheap is that (considering the quality)! Watch out, some shops in Seoul sell "made in china" stuffs.

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