March 8, 2011

Must watch Movie!

It's 2 am in the morning but I can't stop myself to post about a movie I just watched tonight, titled Crazy Little Thing Called Love. It is a Thai movie, but you will never know until you watch it by yourself. It's not a high class or "difficult to watch" movie like Black Swan that will make you roll your eyes. It's just a simply packed movie for an ordinary teenager like me, who has a low sense of rate a movie and excellence in crying. For normal girls who have an (or some) silly love experience in high school, I'm sure you gonna like this. I personally fooled away so many piece of tissues to wipe my tears. It's just so touchy when you see this cute love story of a perfectly cute popular senior boy and an ugly duckling black skinned girl. Girls, if you think you are not pretty, you are so wrong. Every girl has their own beauty to catch prince charming's heart. I hope I can get his heart, too :)

You can watch the trailer here.

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