April 9, 2011

I love mommy daddy

For those who follows my twitter, you must already know about my parents who worried about my condition. I'll tell it here (again). My mom and dad were not home while I'm here now in my bedroom. Mom asked me to call her right after I finished take a shower. I called her, and she said: "are you okay? Is there something wrong with you? You looked weird these past 2 weeks". I was like no, I have nothing to be worried. I'm just fine and happy. She kept insist me to confess. After I shut the phone down, dad texted my blackberry and asked the same thing. He said: "don't lie to me, just tell me you problem before it's too late". Mom, dad, I have no problem... Well, I'm so glad that both my parents care about me. They are those who have given me the best opportunities possible. I look back into my past and I acknowledge that I had an awesome childhood because of them. They treated me like I was a princess (I was their only daughter that time). They taught me about discipline, how to treat and respect others, and many many more. I want to do a lot for them. I owe a lot to them. They have so many rights upon me. That's why, I studied hard, at least I gave them pride to have me as their daughter, thought my achievements meant nothing compared with all they've given to me.
Parents take care of us when we are little babies and bring us up to make us what we are. We are their only people when they grow old. Most people don't think about that and abandon their parents in their old age. I'll tell you one thing. If you are nice to your parents and take care of them even when they get really old, you'll have a lot of satisfaction and a fabulous life. if you are rude and disobedient, you will face a lot of problems and failures and I guess you will never really be content at heart. In todays society, people seem to be unable to escape their parents quick enough, almost as if they’ve rejected their upbringing. I have nothing but respect and admiration for my parents. Maybe we don't hug or tell each other I love you, I never wish to be those families who always said “I love you” all the time (we are not like that at all), but I do love them more than anything in this world.
So, go readers! Show your love to your parents. You'll never know what will happen tomorrow. As long as you breath, make them proud and happy. It's never too late to be a better child :)

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