May 6, 2011

Are you qualified?

Hello there. I just wanna share my thoughts. I'm sorry before if I say something not good or maybe rude, but I'm very stressed and upset at the moment. I'll tell you this. When I was in high school, I used to be the coolest girl on earth. People said I'm super arrogant and heartless. That's why I've been trying to be more nice and friendly, though it's a hard thing to do since I don't like talk that much. The limit of my patience has come to the end when some boys add my bb pin and keep texting, saying something stupid and ridiculous. Yes of course I've already deleted those contacts, but it didn't make me feel any better. I wanna say that I won't be in love with anyone who seek my attention in that kind of way. It's really hard for me to be attracted to opposite sex. Umm, stop talk about this, lets have some Fun!

Easy ways to win my heart:

1. Call me a name other than ‘baby’, 'gorgeous', 'sweetheart', or whatever you say. It's eww.

2. Get along with my mom, dad, & 4 big bros (my sister & my grannies are easy to win over)

3. Avoid late night phone calls and texting all day. Text me 2-3 times a week is even better.

4. Love God and your parents more than me. I don’t have to be your first priority (!)

5. Honesty. Honesty. Honesty. Oh and did I say honesty? (!)

6. When I’m in a bad mood, keep your mouth closed. Most guys just don’t get that.

7. Never isolate me with your poor judgment and jealousy.

8. Don't spend too much time with me. I get bored easily.

9. Be cool! People say I'm cool, so just beat my coolness and you're in (!)

10. Be committed to the happiness of others, though not forgetting about your own.

11. I like smart people, doesn’t have to be a genius.

12. Play hard to get sometimes, but don’t let me get frustrated.

13. Mean it, when you say those three special words.

14. Never compare me to other girls, or leave. I'll find someone better

15. Never try to impress me with your dad's money, it makes me laugh instead (!)

16. Help me become a better person in any aspects.

17. Say something until it makes me want to come and find you.

18. Tell me i’m pretty even if i look like shit haha..

19. Be a good hugger. Hugs from behind are the best. Hug me when I’m sad, for no reason.

20. Last but not least, be God-fearing. A relationship that includes God definitely lasts (!)

Fulfill it all, and I'm yours

PS: don't take this too serious, I'm bored, hope my mood gets better as the week goes on!

None of these matter because there is someone who has already won my heart♥

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