October 12, 2011

Reason of loving

My boyfriend once asked me why I loved him. I didn’t have a ready answer for him, so I told him, “I don’t know baby. I can’t explain it. All I know is I really do love you”. He said, “Okay”. I bit my lip, and wondered if he was disappointed with my answer. His face showed no sign.

After that, I said to myself, I’ve got to come up with reasons why I love him! I thought of my boyfriend and tried to think what I really loved about him. He’s a great guy. He’s someone everyone will love. He’s cute, has a great smile, the kind that makes you smile back in return when you see him. His sense of humor is amazing. He’s friendly and fun to be around. He’s talented and sexy, and sweet, and thoughtful.

I’ve tried to come up with a hundred reasons why, and believe me, I was able to come up with around 76 reasons! But when I scanned through what I’ve written, I realized, I’m pretty sure there are other people in this world who have the same qualities as he does, great smile, great personality, good sense of humor. So if it all comes down to this list of “why do I love him’s”, does it mean that I should love these other people too?

That’s when I realized, love really doesn’t need any reason. It just is. I can’t tell him “I love you because you have a great smile”. So many people have great smiles, but why HIM? I can’t say I love him just because he has a good heart. A lot of people are kind hearted as well, but why HIM?

I guess it really is true, love moves in mysterious ways. And I can list a whole bunch of reasons why I love him, but that really doesn’t sum it all up. Doesn’t even come close. Because I know that even if I eliminate the items on my list one by one, I will still love him. And I don’t need a hundred reasons to explain why.

I sent him that list. When he finished reading it, he hugged me and told me, “Thanks baby”. I looked him in the eye, and told him. “Baby, I love you for all those reasons I listed. But you know what, I really don’t need all these to prove anything to you. All I need is what’s inside me to know that I love you and you’re the reason why I’m happy. You are my life. You may share some of these qualities with other people, but for me, you’re one of a kind. The man that I love. And I don’t need a reason for that.”
Yes, we don’t need reasons to love.


  1. "and i can list a whole bunch of reasons why i love him, but that really doesn't sum it all up."
    that is totally sweet fell! long last with ur bf:))