December 28, 2011

Post Shoot Stress

Yesterday was really fun because it was Versatile (my Senior High besties) turn to be shot. We rent a studio, which is based on an hourly fee, that we were able to mess around doing impromptu photo shoots. I’ve been to some photo shoots, and this was one of the most enjoyable one I've ever had (besides the fact that we used our own camera, with own photographer, and own idea). Can’t wait to do it again, we had so much fun! The results are about to be uploaded soon. Ah you can see one of the result right above this post (yes! my blog header :p).
We had around 4 hours photo shoot. It's quite long because the time is being wasted to change wardrobe and think about the concept. When the shoot was over, it's time to clean up, pack up and make our tummies happy. We both decided to have dinner at mall, with the last costume still put on. We took time to review the photographs, and it gave satisfying results. We also took so many pictures using my camera. There were over 150 pictures to choose from.. these are some of the ones I liked or just thought were funny.

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