January 19, 2012

My Magnum Experience

Magnum, a widely known ice cream product by Wall’s, is opening its cafe, the Magnum Cafe. I heard that queue is merciless there, but lucky me, when I tried to go there with my friend (it was a weekday around 4pm), we didn't have to queue and got a strategic table for two. The place looked pretty nice for a temporary cafe establishment. With royal victorian and monarchy theme and decoration, the place sure attracts a crowd that probably just queue to take some narcissistic pictures. I definitely loved the whole creative idea, but how about the food?
The menu is mostly desserts, with magnum ice cream as the focus. My espresso dream was definitely yummy! The price was affordable too. I especially loved the quote on the paper mat, "Life is like an ice cream! You have to lick it one day at a time"

you may feel your own magnum experience :)

I got Espresso Dream : Magnum + melted Belgian Chocolate + espresso. If I'm not mistaken, Vivi's was Waffle de Aristocrat: Waffle + Magnums + Profiteroles + Choco Sauce. To be honest I wanted to order another desserts, but the whole chocolate things were more than enough to fill me up -___-
Oh and after having our magnum experience, we decided to eat again at Pasta de Waraku (I ordered chicken curry that time). Sigh, I had a serious emotional eating problem.

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