April 29, 2012

PS, Dempsey

I had another sunday brunch at a fancy cafe. This time, we chose PS Cafe at Dempsey Hill, Singapore. I like the concept and location of the restaurant. However the service is a major let down. There was only one staff directing the backlog of waiting customers to tables. I noticed a few people leaving because of this. Once being seated it was then a mission to get any staff member to take our order. But for me it's acceptable since the place was so packed when we got there. Was quite impressed when the dishes arrived. My favorite menu was Big Bacon and Eggs that comes with with chorizo sausages to give it a distinctive twist. The poached eggs were amazing, with its runny yoke. The sourdough bread was nice and well toasted, with a tough crust that needed some muscle to cut through. Tomatoes and the chorizo sausages were tasty. The bacon is not too crispy which suits me. Overall, I'm very pleased :D Addictive to eat. One after another, again and again while it's still hot. Yums.
 strawberry scones

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