April 26, 2012

Sentosa World

Festive hotel. I personally have nothing to complain about and would want to stay here again when I visit Sentosa. The bed was comfortable and I found the staff very helpful to whatever we wanted. As this hotel is located near the amusement areas and with kids-oriented design, sure, there are lots of children but that's what Sentosa is known for. The Hotel is right outside the promenade leading to Universal Studio. It is also just above the Casino for people who want to gamble. The Hotel is part of a series of Hotels (including Hard Rock and some others) which are all interconnected. The walkway has some spectacular high end shopping (including the one and only Victoria's Secret Store!) and great sculptures and art. The hotel was close to everything. What I loved from the room was definitely the loft bed. It seemed a bit high but once I got the hang of it there were no problem.

On the next day, me and some friends (about 12 people) went to Universal Studio. Well, Betty Boop store (the most  flirty character in the whole world) and the anticipated and awaited Transformers ride were on my first list to visit! During the initial opening of the ride, rumours had it that eager riders had to queue like 2 hours just to experience the 4 minutes ride. So, I considered ourselves really lucky to only have to queue for 20 mins before we get to go on the ride. And Transformers, the ride truly did not disappoint. Seriously, the ride is super cool. Ok, I don't want to get your expectations too high because you know, sometimes when you have too high hopes on something, you are most likely to be disappointed in the end but honestly if you just sit back and absorb the ride, you'll truly enjoy it as it is something really different and brilliant. Giant 3-D screens combined with brilliantly-timed ride vehicle movements just work, and provide an unmatched ride experience. This is the MustDo ride at Universal Studios Singapore.

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