July 3, 2012

Malaysia 2012 (part2)

The Eiffel scissors was succeed in catching my eyes. So many beautiful stores in Malaysia, I definitely will come back!
Had an impromptu shoots that time and I got the pictures above from facebook, so it's lack of quality hehe.. Thanks to the photographer, I love the shoots!
Finally, I visited IKEA! Besides being a shopping heaven for home furniture, I just found out that IKEA is a great place to dine too. The IKEA cafeteria serves an array of cheap and nice food, which explains the daily large crowd. I ordered 20 pieces (yes, twenty) of Swedish meatball in creamy sauce and fries. Affordable and definitely tasted  really good. There's something about this meatball. They are perfect bites of savory goodness, bready and meaty, and they are ever-so-slightly perfumed with nutmeg. I also tried the curry puff and egg tart. Yummyyy!

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