February 12, 2013

What to eat in Jakarta

Just like other modern city, Jakarta has a vast range of food available at hundreds of eating complexes located all over the huge city. Basically when I visit Jakarta, I always search for western foods and pretty restaurants, but I think there's nothing wrong to make some changes by eating more equitable. Well, I'm a little too spendy when it comes to eat. And tadah, I detected lots of inexpensive yet yummy foods around corners (mostly at food court)!
  Bubur Kamseng - Mangga Besar
 Nasi Campur Bali or Balinese Mix Rice (Ask for extra sambal matah for a better taste) - Food Louvre
 Nuris Pork Ribs (if you don't have patience to queue at the first and second branch at Bali, you can try it here, way more comfortable and quiet) - Pantai Indah Kapuk
 Roppan - Plasa Semanggi
 Sate Senayan (one of the besssttt food, I ate about 3-4 times on my last visit. I was craving a bite of some good local food that time) - Food court
 Oreo cheese cake - Cheese Cake Factory
 Nasi Kucing... Cat Rice...??? - Food court again
 Super jumbo gigantic sized pizza - Domino Pizza
Blue velvet cupcake - Bittersweet, Grand Indonesia
   The infamous Magnum creation - Magnum cafe, Grand Indonesia
Bonus pictures! Have a great day :)