March 14, 2013


Have been so busy dealing with my final paper to make sure I'll be graduated with a bachelor's degree this year. It's like one more step to go then I'm done with university life (hell yeah!) However, now my mind is being interrupted by what chinese fortune teller's told me recently about my life in the future (the FT is famous with its accurate this and that). Actually some sounds great, but there's one.. sounds uneasy to me. I think I find myself worrying about a future event because I'm picturing a negative outcome. I know that I'm worrying about what may happen, not what will happen.  But then I realize about something, something stronger and greater than anything, and that's His will. Yeah, I stop worrying :)
There are some thoughts about fortune teller issue. Many people enjoy going to fortune teller and get predictions regarding future lives. Then when the predictions come true, they think how accurate the FT was. But might not these results have came about because of our own mindset? For example if the FT says that you would be able to find a great job as a doctor in the future, your thoughts would immediately change in that direction and you would keep thinking about it until it really becomes real in your life.
Now this also makes sense why we shouldn't take FT's prediction seriously, because WE CREATE OUR FUTURE. It all ties into our belief in the predictions and the predictor. Our present belief and statement that this is going to happen brings it to pass. This is because we will be what we are being now. So, what do you think?
I personally doubt about pre-destiny in the common sense. I believe that each person’s life can change such that there is no such thing as a place we are supposed to end up. I’ve come to realize that we essentially create your destiny at a very young age. Not that we are pre-destined but that you are more likely to follow a set of patterns that evidently shape the outcome of where we end up in life.

"Our lives are shaped and each railroad tie laid are directly made by every single person we interact with. From the moment we're born, every interaction we make or don’t make will change the course of we life forever"

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