April 30, 2013

Malaysia 2013 (part1)

I'm back to Malaysia again to visit my best bud and to please myself with yummy foods and little shopping time. It was a good day, me and bud found ourselves craving for ramen noodle soup so we decided to check out Ippudo. I had heard and read lots about Ippudo (yeah it's Indonesian's favorite ramen) and we were hungry after having a packed day the day before, so what could be better than a steamy satisfying bowl of salty goodness? I ordered Ippudo’s specialty, ramen, specifically tonkotsu ramen. The pork stock base is surprisingly light in texture (some pork-based broths are so high in gelatin, it's like moisturizing your mouth) but big on the porky flavour while the noodles are needle slim. And the result is a light, bright noodle soup that makes you hard to leave the restaurant. Make sure that you don't spend too much time taking picture of the food bcs your ramen must be eaten while it's still hot and by this you'll be sure to get to taste the best quality of the ramen hehe.

Finally I bought a hot red lipstick from Mac and put it on for a while (it's all gone after I struggled with my big bowl of ramen) 

Auntie Annes, my all time favorite snacks

KFC in Korean style and a bowl of chicken rice? So good 

On the next day, I visited Komugi Cafe at Pavilion Mall. It showcases the best of Japanese cafe culture and traditional French baking. The place is well designed and gives calming feeling. Since we were having lunch soon, I chose macaron and small japanese pudding to eat. Macaron was okay but I love the Toyohashi pudding which is served in a cute jar. It was sweet, smooth, and wobbly!

Karaage Chicken Curry by Santouka is a must try! 
Red escalator at Starhill Mall  

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