September 30, 2013

My Graduation Day

I put a long term to-do-lists on the top right side of my blog. Do you spot any difference? So I finally change my ninth point into something else, because I'm officially a graduate now! It's one of the most important day in my life because my four years struggle is paid of. I did set goals for my university life, that is, getting a satisfying GPA and award whatever it is because I want to give a little payback to my parents that has spent huge amount of bucks for this. Thank God I achieved both goals :) I got my Magna Cumlaude and Best Student Award! God gives me abundant blessings and I can't be more grateful. What I'm gonna do next is always being happy, thankful, excited, enjoying my life more, and be the best that I could be.
In my country, there's a "custom" or whatever they call it, where female graduates wear traditional clothes called Kebaya on their graduation day, so I choose to comply to it. However, kebaya skirt is usually long and fitted which is uncomfortable so I decide to take a slight change by making it short ;)

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