January 17, 2014

Wedding Day (Eddo Bebe)

One of my brothers is (finally) a married man! My big family were all gathered together to celebrate the wedding of my bro and his beautiful fiancĂ©e last October. When they first began planning the wedding, they wanted to have a casual celebration and for a location, they wanted something different from the typical ballroom, so finally we all found this place and loved the rustic natural feeling, with the beautiful outdoors and lake view, it was perfect. Everything was so magical; bright colored dresses, whimsical flowers, yummy foods, undeniably beautiful lake view, and huge smiles. The weather was absolute perfection and every detail was accounted for.  I took a ton of photos (of course) during the wedding and wanted to share a few with you. Here are a few I took with my camera.
Fresh fruits for everyone!  photobooth
  The cake (love the romantic details with touches of vintage and rustic) 
The awesomest wedding dress ever :)
The wedding would not have been as much fun if we had not worked with such amazing people, so thank you for all vendors :)

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