March 24, 2015

LaReia Cake & Co Cafe, Surabaya

My bf and I found this fancy cafe during our unemployed hour when we walked around the mall (Ciputra World Surabaya). It's located next to the end of long escalator at the 3rd floor. I then decided to have a quick brunch the other day with my other friends there. We ordered brunch menus and hot tea from Gryphon. Over all, we weren't blown away by the brunch menus. I found it too expensive for the decent taste. I suggest you to order the desserts and hot tea instead. However, it was a nice place to sit down, enjoy a cup of tea, and take selfies :p because of the pleasant atmosphere, clean interior, and supportive lighting. They really had a good taste to make the place lovely as well as relaxing.

something we asians got #SWAG

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