July 9, 2011

Busy July

My July Playlists ♩ ♪ ♫
1. Heartstrings - Clara C
2. Serba Salah - Raisa (Ipop)
3. I'm in Love - Narsha (Kpop)
4. Say Goodbye - Skillet
5. If This Was a Movie - Taylor Swift

The month of July promises to be a busy one. I have a lot going on at work this month, plus at the end of the month, I have a lot to do for the Orientation-Week Committee in my college. I’ve got a couple more weeks of craziness and things should slow down enough to give me my weekly work session again. How sad is it that I am already looking forward to December and July just began?
Yeah I say "work". The truth is, after being a jobless girl this past few months, I finally decided to get a “real” job again. I’m now teaching math for 12th grade students! Yeah I'm happy yet excited. Choosing to be a math teacher was not that big of a decision for me. When I reached into the challenging math, and all my classmates grades were dropping, I still maintained a perfect score, it was then I noticed I would be doing something with math. I have career goals and ideas on how my major will help me achieve them. For years, before college decisions, one of my target has always been to be a high school math teacher. I have passion in mathematics that brought me where I am today. Thank you God :)

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