August 13, 2011

My very own Restaurant

Hi readers, I invite you to come and visit my new restaurant (grand opening is on Friday, 19 of August). We are an intimate, group-owned restaurant at the ground floor of Universitas Ciputra. We open for breakfast and lunch every Friday. You can enjoy our various cuisine featuring the finest ingredients with the warmest service of us as a Tourism and Hospitality student. We also do delivery service. Contact us for breakfast reservations, drop by for lunch or simply stop in for a drink and dessert. We hope you will join us for a unique dining experience. For more information, please visit and like our Facebook page here :)

"What is the name of your restaurant?"
Hungrylicious. I guess it stands for hungry and delicious. Actually I like TGIF (Thank God It's Friday) since the restaurant only opens every Friday, but it has already been taken.

"What's the story behind this business?"
We open this business inside the classroom-converted-restaurant every Friday as part of an annual project where students run the restaurant. Each 5th semester THM students has previously run a restaurant for family and friends, teaching them practical business skills in a creative way. This project was started in August of 2011 with the hopes of giving us valuable experience working with the public and opportunity to learn all the facets of owning and operating our own business.

"What is your position?"
I'm a finance manager, and it's a bit hard for me. I have to deal with numbers and recipes. I have to analyze and make reports of the whole financial status of the projects. All things related to financial and the smooth running of the finance is my responsibility. Over all, my main duty is to earn good profits.

"Who is your partner?"
I have 35 partners as the member of my group. We are divided in some sections, such as kitchen, pastry, bar, finance, and purchasing.

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  1. Why don't you open a branches in PTC?? so i can try your pasta?? =D