August 3, 2011

Rumours spread

Although I started writing two years ago, I am still a very private person, because of what I've gone through in the last few years. Yes, I write anything, about true love and friends in my life. But no one but me, have any idea who the people I write about truly are. I thought that was the best. Now I realize that gossip and evil people will assume, even make things up, if you don't tell them what's going on (or not going on) in your life. Seriously, these people need lives of their own. Or at least happy ones, because I don't think any of them can possibly be happy if they spread gossip and lies. I've said it before.. but I hate gossip! This is why I keep to myself. Although I didn't think it's anyone else's business who are what I write about on my blog or what my plans are. Which by the way, it's just a blog. It's my creative writing, my therapy, my voice.

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