September 15, 2011

Bali 2011 (part 4)

As I said before, I came to St. Regis Bali, a place where I spent 6 months doing an internship last year. I brought some snacks from my city to be given to the staffs. I feel like it’s a privilege to work with those amazing people. 

spotted two cute kids, Takashi and Tamia

Then, we decided to go to Rock Bar. Situated at the Ayana resort you have a view of the beautiful sunsets of Bali whilst watching crashing waves on the rocks that the bar is built upon. You need to take a mini inclinator type device to get down. Once you are down, it's a different world. You are situated out over the water, with waves crashing onto the rocks around you. The bar design itself is very hip and modern. In general it's a good atmosphere, and a great place to get your sunset drink. The sunsets are awesome, setting over the ocean in perfect view from your seats. The drinks are good but a bit pricey. 

The Ayana Chapel

Everyone is q-ing up to board the inclinator which could only take 6 guests at the time going down.
I was texting with someone all day long :p

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