September 13, 2011

He's not crazy

Hi people, I want to share a song that a guy sang for me which keeps me awake last night because I pressed the replay button over and over again. I really like the song, the lyrics, and (surely) his voice. That's just too sweet. Thank you 

PS: Before you listen, you may stop my blog playlist first on the right side of my blog.

Crazy cos I'm falling in love
Falling deeply in love with you
Yeah, its so damn true
Friends say I'm outta my mind
That I shouldn't be with you
But they don't understand

The way I feel for you
Is unlike any other thing
I've ever felt before
But they don't understand
That I'm not crazy
I'm just a man
Searching for reasons to find you
Over and over again
I'm not crazy, I'm just a man
I'm doing everything that I can

Crazy cos I'm telling the truth
There's nowhere to run
They're telling me that I should find another one
They can say I'm outta my mind
I'll still be your man
They still won't understand

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