January 11, 2012

Bandung, 2nd (cont.)

We were looking for a good place for early dinner. So we found this girly cafe, near our hotel. Ranging from around of IDR 10,000 to IDR 30,000, you can get almost everything you want from Western style food. Yes, it's cheap because you can get Beef Schnitzel for only IDR 19,000 and Fish & Chips for IDR 25,000. To be honest I was unimpressed with the food but perhaps you can challenge more from the drinks and the cake.

Being perhaps the second most advanced city in Indonesia for emerging modern culinary concepts, we wanted to try another cafe at Bandung. So we continued our foodie tour to a restaurant right behind my hotel. I found this restaurant was pretty cool with a minimalist concept. A very interesting feature is glass doors almost everywhere and bulbs as the major source of light. These doors make the space look wider and stick to minimalist style. We only ordered creme brulee and bruschetta bcs our tummy were bloated after eating too much that day. We had to attend a New Year's countdown event and planned to wear a tight clothes to welcome 2012 xp

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