January 11, 2012

Hey twenty twelve

For about the 2 years in a row, I went for the same old resolution: getting in shape. I praised my friend who lost more than 30 pounds by giving up foods with sugar. Unfortunately, that is just about everything I like :O Although round is a shape, it is not the shape I crave. I want my 17-year-old body back hahaha. You can probably guess how those resolutions turned out. I’m certainly not going to post a picture of me here in a bikini. Ok that's a silly resolution. Let's talk about the real one. So here're my new year resolutions.
1. Spend less. I spent money on unnecessary things.  Before I buy something, I want to spend some time justifying the reason.
2. Get closer to God by spend more time with Him daily (every morning and night) “Come near to God and He will come near to you” (James 4:8)
3. Manage my time better. My sleep schedule is all out of whack. Basically I need to fix my sleep schedule back to something regular. The morning is actually my favorite time of day so I'd love to be awake to experience it.
Well, even though it seems people break them before they have finished making them, resolutions can be good things. It's important because it can promote goal-setting, which is critical to getting things done. Be very, very clear not only on how you will accomplish your resolution but also on why you want to accomplish it. It is also important to think them through and phrase them carefully and specifically. Framing the goal as a positive statement and picturing yourself undertaking the actions of the resolution will activate centers in your brain and make you more likely to fulfill it. 

I didn't bring my camera along, so I use my mobile phone instead. I had a late dinner (again) at a western restaurant, then went to another cafe to celebrate New Year. At first, we didn't allowed to enter because it's fully booked. The waiter said that we supossed to make a reservation before, but finally we're allowed to sit and join the event. LUCKY me I got a blackberry that I won as a door-prize that night! I was happy so when we got home, I turned the music on and held an instant party. We rocked the night!

What's your resolution? How's it going? Let's change, starting today :)