January 9, 2013

Sg Nov 2012 (part3)

Finally, got a chance to visit Ikea Singapore. Of course we ordered the famous dish from Swedish, Ikea meatballs along with some other foods!

Finally managed to get a booking for this place, Riders Cafe (one week advance reservation). It is really popular (for Singaporean, not Indonesian) This is exactly how a cafe should be. Located away from the city, close to nature, natural light, and friendly staffs. Food quality was decent but not fantastic. There was nothing to complain about the food, but it just lacked something special that would make me remember. Nice ambience, though we do get a bit of a mosquito and occasion smell from the nearby horse stables with the wind. The Blackstone Benedict with Bacon & Tomatoes, Soft-shell Crab Benedict with Poached Eggs, and Carbonara. To end our brunch, we had death by chocolate cake. Coupled with vanilla ice cream, the black gooey mess was sinfully rich. We enjoyed the dense chocolate cake, which arrived warm and practically drowning in a pool of fudge. As the vanilla ice cream melted into the bed of chocolate sauce, every mouthful of cake was really death by chocolate!

Found a cool spot to take pictures!

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