January 18, 2013

Thailand 2012

And I'm back in Thailand! These pictures were taken last December when my classmates and I spent our holidays there. Ah I got a chance to try Bangkok MRT on this visit.
At night, we visited a haunted, spooky themed mall called Mansion 7. The main draw is the haunted house, two floors of starts and frights with shows starting every half hour. It's 180 baht per person, a bit pricey, but worth trying. I'm gonna say it's the scariest haunted house I've ever encountered. If you wish a short horror experience, Mansion 7 is definitely worth visiting. The haunted house is well planned and scary. It has been designed based on frightening scenes in horror movies (we all know that Thai horror movies are popular).
On the next day, we went to Pattaya.

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