August 7, 2013

China 2013

I visited China this July for the second time with my parents and my little sis. Now, how's China from my point of view.. China maybe growing to become the world's largest economy, but living in this country is definitely a NO for me. The country has many cheap things going for it. And my friend also told me that the food is delicious if you know where to eat. But I had a few uncomfortable experiences here, especially about the hygiene issue. Streets were often littered with discarded food and other waste. The most noticeable unpleasant habit of Chinese people is spitting. Chinese men especially have the habit of making loud hawking sounds and spitting on the road, pavement or wherever they happen to be. Some people even spitting onto the floors of restaurants and public toilets. Really, I'm the kind of person who loves to try new foods while travel, but it didn't apply like that this time. Junk foods became my daily meals there. Last but not least, rudeness and impoliteness from the citizen were very common.
Of course, my trip wasn't completely bad. If you're waffle fans, this is the place you must go. Yeah, finally I spotted a good place to boost my appetite. Pearl Waffles sells awesome waffles with a whole lot of toppings and ingredients to go with it. I went there with my sister and we ordered their ice cream series since the weather was so hot. We decided to choose the Banana with Chocolate Ice Cream with oreo crumbs on top. It was really a good choice indeed. The waffles was so delicious, crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. The banana and ice cream really complement the waffles well. It was yummy. 

The barbeque satay had too much spice on it. The holy oily steamed chicken soup was obviously not my favorite too

The hotel here was unexpectedly wonderful! Everything was so cool here. I also took some pictures on my bed since my outfits matched well with the huge drawing

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