January 20, 2014

La Maison & Howey Medan

For those who follow my instagram, you might have known that I checked myself in to Medan last month. The main reason is to gain weight, and yes I was so curious and wanted to authenticate how good the culinary spots are. This time, I wanna share my experience with these two popular patisserie shops in Medan, La Maison and Howey. (PS: this is my personal opinion and I don't have any intention to offend anyone).

My long wait is finally over. I want to try La Maison so badly since I'm a fan of the chef. In fact, I've been a fan far before she had the idea to open La Maison hehe. So, I took a cab from hotel and visited La Maison with my best friend who's also have a sweet tooth. The store was small and well arranged. I started to stare at those yummy cakes, eclairs, and gorgeous macarons in the display. I think cakes at any restaurant in my city have nothing on their beautiful handmade desserts. All pastries seemed so delicious and I really wanted to try every single of it. However, they're expensive for their sizes so I hold my craving and tried to choose wisely. Finally, we decided to buy two cakes, croissant, one dozen of macarons, and an eclair.
The macarons were perfection, texture, sweetness, flavor, everything is on its place. Though all flavors were great, the salted popcorn is definitely a winner and it's highly recommended (sorry Laduree, La Maison wins my heart). Move on to cakes - both cakes were so yummyyy, I think I finished it in less than 2 minutes.  How I wish the price were cheaper so I could buy more. The eclair was average, very small, and expensive (40IDR), definitely not a favorite. The croissant (no picture) was good, it's like one of the best croissant ever! The day after, I came back and buy another croissant (along with cupcakes and macarons too). Cupcakes were awesome, texture was soft and fluffy, but very expensive for the size. All flavors were delicious, I couldn't choose one.
Selection of macaron boxes in different designs and sizes 

with the beautiful & talented chef <3

Howey, another great patisserie in Medan. Unlike La Maison which is located in a house, Howey has its own store. The place was cozy, chic, and modern. The display was amazing and colorful, with lovely christmas decoration. We bought macarons, flaky doughnut, quiche, then took a sit there. The macarons were bigger than La Maison's and price was slightly higher. The texture was chewy and good too, but if I have to choose, I'll choose La Maison's. Doughnut was too hard for me, while quiche was nice and definitely worth trying! Actually, we wanted to try the cheesepots but the minimum purchase was 12 and we're quite full that time, so we canceled our desire.

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    Salted popcorn sounds interesting,would you describe it more, what was the filling like?