October 20, 2014

Chinese Wedding Ceremony

As buddhist, my brother and his fiancé had a wedding ceremony in a Buddhist temple called Vihara. The intention of Buddhist wedding is to build and maintain a harmonious and spiritual family. I can say that Buddhist wedding is a simple wedding ritual. It was started from entering the place (bride, groom, followed by their parents), affirmation (officiant as the leader of the ceremony asked a few questions to the bride and groom if there are any force and threat from other party to marry in Buddha religion), light the candles, yellow ribbon knotting and cover up by yellow cloth, until signing the wedding vow.
I wore a cheongsam with colourful embroidered detail


  1. Wow!! Chinese vow renewal ceremony!! It is very interesting article. I have never seen a Chinese wedding ceremony. I really liked the Buddhist wedding ritual. I wish I could visit China and attend some Buddhist weddings over there.

    1. I don't describe in detail about the Buddhist wedding, so if you're interested to know more, you can google it, and thank you by the way! :)