November 24, 2014

Wedding Day (Erick Shienny)

It's been 3 months since my last post. I know it seems like I neglect this blog. The fact is I don't have enough time to blog as much as it used to be. My time was mostly spent on travel and thought about what step I'mma take after my almost-perfect-well-prepared plan had to be terminated for a good cause. Don't feel like talking about it here, so let's moving on… I've posted the holy matrimony of my oldest bro earlier, so I have no reason not to share the wedding reception photos. Before we jump to the photos, I'm gonna give a brief description about how Chinese Indonesian wedding reception goes.
Compared to most wedding receptions in modern countries like USA, England, and Singapore, the wedding reception here is extravaganza and uber festive. Wedding invitations are sent out 3-4 weeks before; number of guests may vary depending on the size of the party itself. The most common is 600-1000 guests. Friends, families, friends of families, and colleagues are welcomed and expected to attend. They mainly donate money (red envelope) as their gift to the bride and groom. There is a huge presence of flowers in Indonesian wedding because they believe that the more flowers you have on your wedding day, the richer you will seem LOL.
A long procession leads to where the guests await the newly wedded bride and groom. As the reception begins, the groom or family stands up and thank the guests for attending the wedding. Bride and groom make their way up to their seats near the stage to watch the performers (nowadays, they invite celebrities to perform).  Enough with the small talk, so here are the photos!
souvenir for the guests, it says ES 
Photo Booth
Special performance from the Groom and Bride

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  1. Oh yeah! I have also heard about gifting money to the bride and groom. I think it’s a good thing, the couple can actually buy presents of their own choice. I am also planning on giving money to my niece on her wedding day which is in one of the NYC wedding venues. She can buy whatever she would like to.