January 12, 2015

Morning Routine for a Better Day

Never feel like there's enough time? Find yourself struggling to get up or into work mode? I definitely the one who knows the feeling best. So I woke up at 11 today. I slept at 3am and set my alarm for 9am. And yes I heard it rang and I got up to shut it off (my alarm is placed quite far from where I sleep, hoping that I get up from my couch and never go back), but then I jumped back to my seductive couch. Gosh it's like one of the best feeling. 
These days, in the name of productivity and so that I can experience the glory of sunrise, I decided to quit the snoozathons and wake up early! I'm planning to practice some of these habits below, in hopes that good things will come my way.
1. Don’t press snooze! Get out of the bedroom and get going as soon as you wake up. Don’t let yourself be tempted to jump back under the tempting covers!

2. Spare time to get ready and decide on an outfit that you will feel great in.

3. Take a hot shower, do your beauty routine.

4. Exercise! Make sure to stretch well, get in a short workout.

5. Map out your day and make a plan about how you will get things done.

6. Listen to a playlist that pumps you up.

7. Read or watch something that inspires you (it can be quotes on your phone wallpaper or motivational twits on twitter)

8. Eat a good breakfast, a healthy one!

9. Eat less at night so that you don’t wake up feeling full and lethargic.

10. Try to be five minutes ahead of schedule so that if something disrupts your morning routine, it won’t make you late.

11. Meditate. While doing this, remind yourself what your goals are and how you want your day to go, and make it happen!

12. If you can, swap tea for coffee, or avoid caffeine completely. I prefer infused water though.

13. Check your emails so that you can plan accordingly.

14. Catch up on the news so you don’t face the day entirely clueless about current events.

15. Hydrate! Drink a cup or two of water. A little bit of H20 works wonders for your body.

16. Smile, it will make you feel good :)

17. Stick to your routine through the week, and try not to deviate too far from it on the weekend, it will make Mondays extra hard.

18. Take your dog for a walk if you have one.

Now, you're ready to go outside and appreciate the day.

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