May 21, 2015

La Favela, Seminyak Bali

La Favela is probably the most eclectic restaurant (and bar) I've ever visited in Bali. It got me nothing but looking around, amazed by the fantastic design and detail. It made me feel like I was in an antique museum. The restaurant seems small from outside, but once you enter the gate and pass through the small straight bridge, you're about to enter a whole different place! There are main area, outdoor area with another small bridge and pond, VIP rooms with different interiors, and some more. In the end, you will find a restaurant unlike any other in Seminyak.
The restaurant is easily missed since it's presence is only shown thru a small neon signage, but during night, it's quite eye-catching (because of the lighting) and ear-cathing (because of the loud music). It's located at Jalan Laksamana Oberoi, right next to Bistrot Bali. La Favela looks like a long forgotten colonial building located at the edge of Brazilian rainforest. It has an extreme focus on the small details, retro and antique furniture, plants that grow almost everywhere, old bikes, scooters and even a worn out Volkswagen van makes the illusion complete. 
During the daytime, La Favela functions as restaurant, but on weekend night, La Favela turns into a club. I visited during night after my japanese dinner at Rayjin. I was already full so I came with my two girl friends only for a drink and stayed late for the DJ to start spinning its jam. Price is expensive for sure since it's located at the heart of Seminyak, but that's fine I took is as an entrance fee to a museum :D

outdoor area

one of the private rooms

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  1. Nice story about restaurant and i can conclude that restaurant feel likes museum.