July 11, 2015

The Ritz Carlton Bali

During my third visit to Bali this year, I managed to visit Ritz Carlton Hotel Bali with boyfriend. We got lost at first, but finally found the hidden gem thanks to GPS. Once we got in, we entered into a very expansive lobby which happens to be on a cliff overlooking the resort itself. The view from up is sooo beautiful.
  To get to the villas, restaurants, chapel, and beach, you have to take a 70 meter high glass elevator down the cliff. Once you get there you can either take the buggies readily available to where you want to go or simply walk. All the villas, restaurants, pool and beach are very walkable to be honest but you won't complain about having a free ride right? I would love to go back there with my whole family if given the chance. I think it's worth the buck. There is construction still going on on in different parts of the resort and another resort being built up next door. However, it is still a very beautiful resort.  
glass elevator design. Source: google  
sea-side chapel!

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  1. Nice place to visit! Btw, go blog-walking on mine too, eh-? Thanks!