November 7, 2015

Love and Compromise

Relationship is all about sacrifice. Usually, in order for two unique people to perfectly blend together as one, the relationship calls for a compromise. Whether it’s about making adjustments to your daily routines or tweaking your habits, to compromise means doing what it takes to make your partner happy, and isn’t that what makes a relationship work?

You can compromise and find that you are happier because things are actually great between the two of you. You might even realize that you’ve become a better person in the process. Because you want to make your partner happy, you become more punctual, or tidier, or less demanding, or more caring. You can compromise a lot of things, but you don’t have to compromise on everything. While there are a lot of things you can do to make your partner happy, there are things you shouldn’t give up simply to do that. Let me give you three things that you shouldn’t compromise in a relationship:

1. Values. You shouldn’t have to change your beliefs and your standing on things to fit into someone else’s values. Hold true to what you believe in, because the belief system and the set of values which you have built over the course of your lifetime is what makes you who you are. Don’t give it up simply to make your relationship work.

2. Relationships. We are social beings. Being able to spend quality time with our friends and family is essential to our lives. In fact, our entire existence is built upon the relationship we have with them. So, if your partner is asking you to give up your family or your friends to make it work with him, here’s a word of advice: run as fast as you can towards your friends and your family and away as far as you can from him!

3. Passion and your purpose in life. Everyone of us is put on this earth to do something big in life. We are made with a purpose and our passion is the key to discovering that purpose. You should always strive to do the things you are passionate about in life to achieve that “something big”. Your passion makes you who you are and it cannot be traded, even for all the love in the world. If you are asked to give up on the things you are passionate about to make a relationship work, you might as well give the whole thing up, because without passion, you won’t be the same person anymore anyway.

4. Perception of Beauty. If someone doesn't love the way you look when they start dating you, you shouldn't date them. They're not going to magically enjoy your body/appearance in a way they didn't before, and even if they did, who would want to be with someone who had to get used to the idea of finding you attractive? If you are dating someone, and feel that you should constantly be losing ten pounds, or not be seen without makeup, or dressing in a way that feels uncomfortable to you, you're never going to be truly happy. And if someone slowly convinces you over the course of a relationship that you are not okay the way you are, and you need to change your standards of beauty to meet theirs, that is simply a bad relationship.

Relationship is about sacrifice, yes it is indeed. And sometimes, you might be called to compromise on things to make your relationship work. However, when the time comes for you to do so, please remember that you don’t have to compromise everything. Please don’t lose yourself in the name of love.

Maya Axioo, Chelsea Fagan


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