June 14, 2011

Need Summer Break!

College's out for summer. It used to be a time to relax, no homeworks and assignments to make, no having to wake up on time, no having to rush around. But sadly I took a Summer Programme or let's say short-semester. The lecturers just cram all the information into about 5 weeks instead of 14. I choose two subjects, Human Resource Management (every Tue, Wed, and Thu) and MICE (every Tue and Thu). Both of them is not relevan with my mayor program, tourism, but I have no more choice. I take a short semester now because I want to save more space for four semester left. To be honest, I wanna go somewhere out of town this holiday.

a 95K Belgian beer with its refreshing taste & hint of citrus. It's great as a thirst quencher. You can try this at Crystal Jade Restaurant, Grand City. I almost forget to say that this restaurant is great. It gives us the opportunity to choose whatever cakes we desire. Tey have Hong Kong-style buns and Chinese cakes, and also international bread and pastries. You should try the mini tarts, Bo Lo Black Pepper chicken, chicken donut, chicken pie... and many more.

I wish I could wear that summer dress in Bali this holiday -__-

snap, a tiny little friend, Lay Lay :)

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