September 4, 2011

Bali 2011 (part 2)

Blue Point Beach! It has some killer stairs to go down to access the beach. This spot is more 'cozy' and perhaps more romantic for those who are into that kinda stuff. As you make it down the steps, you feel like you're walking in a deep cave, a la Indiana Jones, and you then see your treasure at the end – Beautiful clear water waiting for you to dip your toes into. Warning: There's this little wooden staircase that leads you up to a lovely terrace with an amazing view. Just remember to duck, otherwise you'll bump your head like I did.
our breakfast that day, super simple to avoid my tummy got bloated :3

I forgot to mention that I stayed at Sunset Mansion near Sunset Road on the first night, pretty cheap.

Unfortunately we went when it was the low tide so no swimming and barely any surfers there. It was still a gorgeous day. I will come back and check this spot out at high tide.
wohoo the half-tanned girl -___-

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