September 5, 2011

W Retreat & Spa

Seductive, glamourous, fantastical, and totally electric. Welcome to the latest chapter in the Worldwide WOW sensation (because you will say "wow" every 30 seconds when you arrive) that is W Hotels, the all new W Retreat & Spa Bali. W is certainly a gorgeous hotel especially for those who would appreciate contemporary and hip designs. My first impression at the lobby was awesome, with the sounds of wind chimes in the lobby, sea view and beautiful trees and sofas with colorful cushions. And what I love the most from W is, it's dominated by hot pink color!
welcome drink
spotted: a guy fell asleep while 3 scoops of ice cream melted right next to him, waiting to be eaten. Psttt, I like his nike shoes :p
The beautiful room with amazing decor, and the BOSE sound system in the room was amazing!
Flying pigs in my room
Bathroom is well compensated by the Bliss products.
the happy couple
and the happy single T__T
As you can see, the pool area is gorgeous. The pools are in levels as to mimic the rice fields which is a pretty cool area. Beach area is nice, although the waves are so big the waters' not suitable for swimming, but still it's pretty nice to walk around, especially at sunset.
Red lips cushion for every gazebo

I am so tired and full. I Just got home from a family dinner because both my 3rd and 4th brother will leave this Island next week :( I'll have another photoshoot tomorrow afternoon, so I have to sleep now. I'll update more pictures about this pinky hotel later. Yes, I took a lot of pictures here, too many great spots to take pictures. Good night.

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